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Home assisted living institution
Home-based Care Support Facilities (care prevention)


Commissioned by Care Prevention Service of Nanbu-chō, it will be regularly hold in the conference hall every Thursday, from 10:00 to 15:00.

Since most average elderly and particular the elderly whose age is over 65 years do not go out a lot, we gather around 10 elderly people who are worried about their forgetfulness or low in physical function to do some brain boosting games or non-intensive physical exercise, facilitating their communication with the others through chatting.



Located in the center of Touzai-chō, our facility provides convenience for senior citizens and residents of the community to take part in our activities. We have such courses as fitness, brain training, etc to carry out care prevention work in Nanbu-chō.

Meanwhile, TSUDOI’s business scope covers dinner party, community food service, such fun activities as making homemade postcards with handwork and cuisine course in which guidance can be obtained from professional nutritionist of the company, etc., providing continuation living support for senior citizens in a familiar environment.

 9:00~16:00, from Monday to Friday, service being jointly rendered by the company together with community volunteers

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