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  Business Overview of Yuraku Special Care Nursing Home

In accordance with the planning of facility service, senior citizens should be restored to home-based life to the largest possible extent, being provided with care in bathing, toileting, dining, assists in consultation, help and social activities etc. ,and other care in daily life, function training, health management and recuperation.

We aim to realize self care in daily life according to the extant ability of the accommodated users, give respect to their willing and personality, and provide service in their own position.

In a cheerful family-like atmosphere, we pay much attention to the crosscorrelation with the community and with the family, so as to achieve business running, committing ourselves to realizing the close cooperation among the municipality, practitioners of home-based care support, home service practitioners, other care insurance facility, medical health care services and welfare services.


  Business Overview of Yuraku Day Care Center

As the subordinate daycare center of Yuraku Special Care Service, we provide communication space for the community and communication between apartments, so as to realize the flexible use of the entire facility.

As a special daycare service sector of the corporation for dementia care, we are committed to ensuring stable life time for our user.

 The number of users is relatively small. We will come to understand their life experience and hobbies, etc. and develop a plan for each of them accordingly. 3 activity menus are provided for their selection (dementia prevention menu, life rehabilitation menu and functionality training menu), so that they can enjoy the fun and meanwhile, maintain and improve their life functions remained.

 Especially, the knowledge and skill about dealing with elderly dementia patients can be obtained by making the most of this advantage of the facility of Yuraku Special Care Nursing Home, and the function of daycare for dementia patient specially is strengthened.


 Business Overview of Short-term Accommodated Care

Short stay Separate room unit care is adopted for all rooms to realize special care, self care support, and especially, the flexible and positive use of wheelchair and appliances.

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