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Saihaku Office
Saihaku Service Office

331-1, Hosshōji, Nanbu-chō, Saihaku-gun, Tottori-ken
TEL 0859-66-3400  FAX 0859-66-2901

  Business Overview of Saihaku Service Office Shiawase Day care service

In order to make nursing life at home of senior citizens who need necessary support and care happier and more colorful, our service office, Shiawase Comprehensive Welfare Center which locates in Hosshōji, Nanbu-chō, takes “let senior citizens live each day with a smile ” as the motto and dedicates to creating joyful and pleasant atmosphere.

We are equipped with a wide variety of equipments like exercising apparatus, etc. to cater to the needs of individual function training.
Besides, professional nutritionists will provide senior citizens with lunch according to their physical condition and also give suggestions on nutrition supply to the elderly who are nutrition-unbalanced.

There are also such seasonal recreational activities as admiring blossoms and red autumnal leaves, singing instruction etc., such cultural activities as calligraphy, art creation etc. and community volunteer activities.


Business Overview of Saihaku Service Office Home-based Care Support

☆ Business Hour
AM8:30~PM5:30(No days off throughout the year)

☆ Do you have any of the following bothers?
・Don’t know much about care insurance.
・It’s been a little weird in the house recently, but don’t know who you should talk to.
・It’s tough work for the families to take care of all the care work.
・How much does the service charge?

For any other question, please feel free to contact us. 

☆ What does care manager do?
The care manager prepares the care plan according to the situation of the senior citizen and his or her family, and assists (instructors for care insurance) in the contact and coordination between senior citizens and care service providers (including in-home service, daycare service, short-term accommodated care, etc.). The detailed services he or she provides are as follows:

・Develop care plan
・Apply for procedures for those who need care insurance as well as its renewal on their behalf.
・Develop letter of rebuilding or letter of reasons for rebuilding for those who wants to rebuild their houses
・Response to the questions of users’ family members.
・Contact and coordinate care service practitioners
・Coordinate application for facility services


Business Overview of Saihaku Service Office In-home Care

☆ What kind of service does in-home care include?

Sending care staff to provide in-home care service
including dining, toileting and bathing (physical care).
Cleaning, laundry, cooking, daily necessity purchasing, heart-to-heart talk, advice, and contact with related services (living care).

Physical care needs no consideration for age structure of family or other family factors, while living care through care insurance is needed in any of the following cases:

1、Living alone
2、Disabled or sick family members
3、Though no family member is found to be disabled or sick, there is still no body around to do the housework for other unavoidable reasons.

 ☆Business Hour
AM7:00~PM午7:00(no days off throughout the year)

※ 24-hour service can be provided as required.
Besides, in-home care service can be provided for the disabled according to the law for supporting self-reliance of the disabled.


 Business Overview of In-home Bathing Service Office at Saihaku

Equipped with special bathing vehicle, we provide in-home bathing service for senior citizens and the disabled.

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