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 Yuraku Social Welfare Corporation of Houkinokuni

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Concept Policy

  Concept of the Legal Entity

Showing respect to the life view of everyone
    Aiming at enriching inner heart and constructing reliable and
       secure community

 Getting to know and respecting the life history of each nursed senior citizen, we are committed to establishing the sense of peace and mutual reliability for welfare service by providing premium, stable welfare service. We aim to building up a colorful community with the integration of citizens, legal entity and administration.


  Basic Policy

・ Build up a safety network for the community residents          

 Build up a community environment for peaceful life, where the residents can have a good sense of peace and security in a living situation familiar to each of them, regardless rich or poor.

・. Run support for continuous life            

 Care not only the simple welfare service, but more importantly, the living support for the daily life of the residents as accommodated user.

・ Support self-determination and self-realization      

 Establish high-quality service that sets the accommodated users as the main and aims to providing possibility for self-realization. Meanwhile, combine the self-care of the accommodated users with the self-realization of the care staff, so as to culture staff’s meaningful and positive employment spirit.

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