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Business Overview

 Yuraku’s Unit Care System

・.Perfect fixed care staffing…Establish “living unit= care unit”

  We are sure that the basis of unit care lies on “separate room” and “fixed staffing” 
 It is the establishment of fixed staffing that makes the “familiar relationship” possible, and thus germinates the understanding about the individual care and living environment provided. In Yuraku, it is the quantity and quality of our care staff that guarantee the functions of the living environment which is stable in fixed staffing.    

・Improve the qualification of employee         

  Care service suitable for accommodated users is required by full-service
Which in turn require every care staff to be equipped with the qualification of initiative thinking and acting       
And the basis lies on the greatest respect for the initiative self-care support of the accommodated users       
Besides, it is required that the care staff have excellent skill, being able to know well all kinds of needs that are suitable for accommodated users and capable of the kind of communication that can dig out such needs      
The staffs are committed to culturing creative communication ability, enriching life and improving self care  

・.Our slogan of service… “Make every nursed people feel relaxed, secure, comfortable and harmonious! ”

 Everyone, the accommodated users or the care staff, will mutually realize the necessity of easy care and enjoy comfortable, secure and safe care experience.       
Care that needs to “push hard” is definitely not tender experience for both the accommodated users and the care staff.     
Nevertheless, the physical protection, democratic and logical care provided by us may realize real self-reliance care support of the accommodated users.

・Specification of Self Care Support            

※) It is fundamental for self care support to discover and master each potential function; the self support cannot be realized without discovering functions. The first step of self care support is the “right position”, which means to start the establishment of recognition for self care support through making sure and maintaining the right position. And the object is the visualization of self care support and nursing.    

・Cultivate “professional” care staff   

  “What is professional?         
    Discovering things that have been ignored before, making them specific and bringing them into action…!”  

・.Colorful living space and its flexible usage        
    …The building of facility function as living environment     

  It starts from here
    The respect for the dignity of everyone and the continuation of life
    Daily life guaranteed in colorful living environment       
       The last life area for everyone (accommodated user) till their end of life
    Here is right the kind of place


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