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 Yuraku Social Welfare Corporation of Houkinokuni

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Our company, centered in Yuraku Special Care Nursing Home (hereinafter referred to as Yuraku) in west Tottori Prefecture, is a small-scale corporate entity specializing in such services as dementia-related jointly life care, in-home care, in-home bathing care, day care, home-based care support, prevention service, kindergarten, etc. The goal we set for the legal entity is not the stability brought by large-scale business, but the fine, flexible and effective service that the community residents can experience personally.  

 As a legal entity, we pay more attention to the individualized care achieved by introducing the skills of separate room•unit care as well as the practice of self care support based on it, to the constant improvement for the quality of the services, and to the working environment improvement for the nursing staff. We seek to realize the collaboration with administration, medical care and residents’ organization in democratized facility operating, the linkage of facility and home-based life, and general well-being services. We are not simply a service provider, what we are pursuing is the feature that a social welfare corporation should possess. We take the continuation of community residents’ life as our own mission and make efforts to strengthen the function of the legal entity.


 President: Yoshio Yamano
                           Social Welfare Corporation of Houkinokuni
                           President: Yoshio Yamano


  Company Profile of Yuraku Special Care Nursing Home

Special Care Nursing Home・・・・95persons
Short-term Accommodated Care・・・・・・・・・・・5persons
Day Care Service・・・・・・・・・・・40persons

■Ancillary Facilities
Restaurant, Coffee Shop
Cinema, Library, Beauty Parlor, etc

■Outline of the Building
Three-storey steel-frame building, with a part of it being constructed with reinforced concrete
Constructional Area   5193.86㎡
Total Floor Area 6492.52㎡
Building Area 145378.11㎡

  Items of Business

Facility Service
●Yuraku Special Care Nursing Home

Home-based Care Service
●Yuraku Day Care Service Center
●Yuraku Short-term Accommodated Care Service for Senior Citizens
●Yuraku Accommodated Care Service for the Disabled

■Aimichi Service Office TEL 0859-64-3512
Aimichi Home-based Care-supporting Service
Aimichi In-home Care Service

Home-based Service
●IKOI Sou Day Care Service Center

■Saihaku Service Office TEL 0859-64-3400
Saihaku Home-based Care Support Service
Saihaku In-home Care Service

Home-based Service
●Shiawase Day Care Service Center

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